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           What is this Website about?


Jason C.N. Jordan is the founder of Flying Chariot Ministries and the author of the books, All Lights on in the Master's House and Lightning from the Master's House. He is a Nazarene Israelite who writes regular epistles that shed light on the one true faith of Yahweh as was revealed in the Torah and by the pen of the Prophets. His major area of expertise deals with strange and unusual aspects of the Hebraic Scriptures from Genesis right through to the Book of Revelations. He provides clear explanations for many great unsolved mysteries throughout the world by researching a wide breadth of material. Some subjects include the UFO phenomenon, ghosts, ancient and modern technology, cryptozology and eschatology (the study of “End Time” prophecy). He examines these subjects and many others from a purely Hebraic perspective. A Nazarene Israelite is someone who follows a lifestyle of complete adherence to Torah whilst also accepting that Yahshua HaMoshiach (J-sus) is the expressed image of the Father (Yahweh) who was spoken about by the prophets in the TaNaK (Old Testament).


Disillusionment in the non-biblical adherence of Christianity compelled me to embark on a journey down the confused and multi-supplanted evolutionary timeline of the most popular religion in the Western world. Along the way I uncovered a startling array of popular Christian beliefs and practices that are based solely off the foreign philosophy of Greco-Roman interpretation. Also apparent is blatant biblical evidence for ancient technologies, advanced civilisations, superhuman beings and the end result of current global trends revealed centuries before. This website is dedicated to uncovering these truths.

“My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the law (Torah) of your God (Elohim), I also will ignore your children.” - Hosea 4:6


“How can you say, we are wise, for we have the law (Torah) of the LORD (YHWH), when actually the lying pen of the scribes has handled it falsely?” - Jeremiah 8:8


In Defence of Chabad


This extensive article defends this unique Chasidic movement at every turn and explores it's similarities to the Netsarim faith. If you have an Orthodox Jewish background, this is the article to read first.


Cubes of Sapphire


The startling truth behind the story of the Ten Commandments. The prophet Moshe was given two brilliant cubes of sapphire with the commandments bored from one side to the other. When the cubes were put up in front of his shining face they would appear in the sky for all Israel to read.



Excerpt from All Lights on in the Master’s House 


Let me take you on a journey to places in Scripture that Christians seldom go, as we look at forgotten technologies, superhuman beings, suppressed history and the end result of current trends revealed centuries before. Hold on to your faith as I switch on all the lights in the Master’s house.


Two Floods in Scripture 


Scripture clearly speaks of more than one global flood. This little known truth hides a massive back story that illuminates the full messianic message of salvation with a clarity that returns historical accuracy of the Scriptures to its rightful place.

Genesis Re-Revisited 

What may appear to be the plot of a science fiction movie is actually a wide angle view of the war between HaSatan and his Maker.

Golem Truth 


Perhaps the most overlooked end time event is the creation of an artificial man by the Moshiach Neged (Anti-Messiah) and the Navi Sheker (False Prophet). This chapter reveals the final jewel in the crown of HaSatan’s grand deception.


Gallery of the Strange


Photographs, illustrations and information of suppressed archaeology and scientific anomalies that support Bible history. Also contains debunking information and hoax photography in circulation on the web.


UFOs and Identifying Stupid Information 


A page that examines the UFO, Alien abduction phenomenon from a strictly (Hebraic) Scriptural perspective.

Nazis and the Church 

All forms of Christianity (no matter how thin the link) originate from one source - the Catholic Church. Read and view a comprehensive array of information and photos that prove the Nazis’ official religion was Catholicism. See their link with the Catholic Church and Islam during WWII. You will be amazed.


The Great Pyramid

Learn the Great Pyramid of Giza's connection to the Scriptures and the role it plays in teaching Torah and being a holding place for the Ark of the Covenant during the Messianic reign.  

The 'Call No Man Rabbi' Fiasco


Messiah Yahshua did not place a ban on the use of the titles, 'Rabbi,' 'Teacher' and 'Father' in Matthew 23:8-11. Learn the true meaning of this teaching.

The Star of David

The Magen David (Shield of David) was and is not an occult symbol, but a standard to assemble under as a rallying point for all who are zealous for the Torah.  

Strange Artwork

Select drawings by the author of this website. 

Gallery of the Strange

A selection of weird and wonderful images the show the remains of giants uncovered at various locations around the world. Also included are some hoax images.


               Books You Need to Get!

ALL LIGHTS ON IN THE MASTER'S HOUSE delves into the pagan origins of Christianity and uncovers the ruthless schemes of its founders. In their own words read how they set in motion a plan to dumb-down and twist the original full messianic message of the Scriptures. Learn how they fashioned a faith, which after eighteen hundred years has given birth to a religion that is completely choked from its foundations.

Read how the church has successfully managed to reinvent both the Messiah and the Apostle Paul's personages into Greco-Roman crusaders. See how they usurped Messiah's mission of restoring loving obedience to His Father's Commandments into a used car salesman pitched message of lawlessness.

Christian theology teaches that the former way of Eternal Salvation through faith-driven observance of G-d's Commands has been replaced with a conditional acceptance of belief in a single miraculous event. The crucifixion has been misappropriated and exploited to enable a believer to continue to perpetuate a sinful lifestyle, which is unconditionally covered by grace. Essentially this philosophy does little more than equip a believer with the intellectual knowledge of an event that even demons (as the Bible calls them) acknowledge.

Learn how G-d's gift of grace was and still is conditional to ongoing obedience and regular repentance. This book clearly shows that the Scriptures teach that Salvation has to be worked out through much fear and trembling and that self-motivated study of the Scriptures is the key to finding intimacy with the one true G-d of the Hebrews.

The trial, beating and impaling of G-d's Son was a pivotal act on which the whole law (Torah) hangs for all eternity and was not an act that was designed to put an end to it, but to put an end to its location from tablets of stone to hearts of flesh.

Find out how and why the true name of G-d and his Son has been deliberately obscured and replaced and why many key words and phrases in the Bible can be traced to the names of pagan gods. Ironically, the Bible teaches that the names of these foreign gods are not to be uttered during worship.


This book will challenge your belief system to the very core and will outline key characteristics that are inherent in believers that are truly in love with the one true and eternal G-d of Israel.

This book can be purchased through or Booksurge Publishing

      Lightning from the Master's House

Now Available through:,,  &

The long awaited sequel to All Lights on in the Master's House is finally available.

Warning: Unlike my first book, this volume is not written for comfortable Christians! It is written for Nazarene Israelites, Jews or Individuals who are seriously considering leaving a Church environment.

Ignored by 99% of religious institutions who profess to follow the Bible is the fact that the Jews were just one of twelve tribes that accepted the whole yoke of the Torah at Mount Sinai. This truth, plainly readable in the most diluted Bible translation, causes the common view of the Old Testament laws being just for Jews to disappear in a nanosecond. Furthermore the Bible attests to the Torah’s suitability for all mankind. “One Torah shall be to him that is home-born, and to the stranger that sojourns among you”(Exodus 12:49). Ignorance of this fact has robbed thousands, if not millions, of believers of their core mission directive, to sift Israel from the nations and, like Messiah, only go “…to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel.” Rebbe Yahshua (who most of the world call “Jesus”) didn’t come to save “the lost,” but “what was lost.” What appears as simple semantics is actually the key to truly understanding the full messianic message of the Scriptures.


    Shabbat Candle Lighting Times (Sydney Australia)


In most localities, Shabbat candle-lighting time is eighteen minutes before sunset.

Shabbat begins at sunset and it is forbidden to light candles on Shabbat. In order to provide a margin for error, the accepted custom is to light the candles and usher in Shabbat eighteen minutes earlier.

If one missed candle-lighting time, it is still permissible to light the Shabbat candles until sunset.

After sunset it is forbidden.